How to get rid of allergens in the house

From dog hair to tree pollen to your aunt’s perfume, how do you get rid of allergens? You want your home to be a comfortable place with an HVAC system that either won’t allow allergens in or will make quick work of them. Plus, there are other things you can do to reduce allergens in your home, including making simple changes to your cleaning schedule.  

Here’s how to get rid of allergens in your home.

1. Choose HVAC HEPA Filters 

True HEPA filters can capture the small particles that cause most allergies, including tree and plant pollen, pet dander, dust, and more. You should ensure that you have purchased a quality HEPA filter that can capture particles as small as 0.03 microns. Otherwise, it may not perform as you expect. HVAC technicians can help you pick a HEPA filter that will work for your allergens. 

2. Vacuum HEPA Filter 

How do you remove allergens from the carpet? It is no good to suck them up through the vacuum and then dispel them into the air through its exhaust. Instead, choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter on its exhaust. This will capture the allergens, and then you can toss them out when replacing the filter. 

3. Do a Deep Clean 

Areas you might not think harbour allergens could have far more than you expect. Piles of papers, cardboard boxes, folded fabrics and other spots you don’t normally clean may be holding onto your allergens. Cleaning them out can help with dust mites, pet hair and indoor mould allergies. 

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4. Use a Dehumidifier 

When indoor moisture increases, so does mould growth. While very rarely dangerous to health, mould spores can cause allergic reactions. A dehumidifier can help you control the humidity for the long term so that indoor mould is much less likely to find the right conditions to grow in your home. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely remove the spores that start the mould. 

5. Clean Your Air Ducts 

In homes with forced-air systems, a series of air ducts carry the heat from your furnace or cool air from your air conditioner throughout the home. The ducts also may collect dust and debris, even forming layers that are inches thick. As you can imagine, getting this stuff cleaned out can improve your air quality and, if it was harbouring allergens, improve your allergies too. 

6. Use Hot Water and the Dryer 

You can save money when you wash your fabrics in cold water and let them dry on a line, but you can also allow pollen, mould, dust mites and other allergens to stay on the fabric that way. Once in a while, choose hot water and a dryer to keep the allergens at bay.  

Are allergens a problem in your household? Dows ClimateCare can help with smart HVAC solutions that remove allergens and prevent them from getting into your home. Reach out to us today to discuss your options. 

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