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Ready to breathe in some fresh spring air? Your HVAC system makes a big adjustment in spring when it stops heating and adding humidity and starts cooling. Following through on some simple HVAC tips for spring can help. Here is your spring cleaning checklist for spring HVAC tips for a fully functional system.

1. Schedule Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

During your spring cleaning schedule, don’t forget that your air conditioner needs a professional clean too. Before you start your air conditioner have the professionals clean and inspect it. This prevents the need for repairs and ensures that the unit is working as efficiently as it can before you need to turn it on.

2. Clean Around AC Unit

Your indoor or your outdoor air conditioning unit needs to be clear of debris. They need to have proper airflow around them in order to successfully remove heat from your home without developing issues like icing and condensation. You can’t rely on just the fan to provide this, after all, if the air hits something, it won’t go very far.

3. Add Mulch Around AC Unit

While you’re cleaning around the outdoor part of your air conditioning unit, you might consider adding mulch while you’re at it. If you have grass or other plants growing near the unit, you may be blocking its airflow. It’s much easier to keep things under control, especially weeds if the unit is simply surrounded by mulch.

4. Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Your air ducts retain dust and dirt. Eventually, these gather in a layer inches thick inside of your ducts. They need to be cleaned out in order to improve your airflow and prevent things like bacteria growth from occurring in them. Every few years, get them cleaned.

5. Consider a Smart Thermostat

Is your goal this summer to spend less on air conditioning? You might want to get a smart thermostat. They can help you save money on your utilities and also alert you to issues that might impact your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Interested in learning more about a smart thermostat and all of its benefits? Reach out to our team today and we would be happy to help!

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6. Test Your Air Conditioner

If you’re not getting your yearly air conditioner maintenance this spring, then you might consider testing your air conditioner yourself before you officially need to turn it on. That way, if there are issues with the air conditioner, you can get it fixed before you’ll need it. You can avoid emergency charges this way.

7. Change Your Filters

Also, if you’re not getting your yearly air conditioner maintenance, then you may want to change your filters yourself. Air conditioner filters are essential to keep your unit operating well and the air clean.

8. Adjust the Ceiling Fans

In warmer months, ceiling fans should run counterclockwise to push air down. This helps move the heat to the air conditioner so it can move out of the home.

Are you interested in getting maintenance on your HVAC system this spring? You can hire the best technicians through Dows ClimateCare. Contact us today.

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