Home covered in snow - When Does a Heat Pump Work in the Winter?

As part of a hybrid heating system, a heat pump to help with winter heating demands can save you a lot of money here in Ontario. Heat pumps work by drawing heat out of the air and then discharging it. In the summer, a heat pump will take warmer air from inside your home and release it outside. Surprisingly, even during moderately cold winter weather, heat pumps can draw heat from the outside air and release it inside your home. That makes a heat pump an efficient, money saving addition to your furnace.

When do heat pumps stop working in the winter?

Once the temperature gets down to around minus 10 or 15 degrees, heat pumps become much less effective. They can still work, but use more energy to generate heat. That’s when your gas furnace should kick in and take over as the main heat producer for your home.

Your local ClimateCare member is an excellent resource for information about hybrid heating systems. They can evaluate your current heating system and let you know how effective a heat pump would be in your home. As part of Canada’s largest cooperative of independent heating and cooling contractors, ClimateCare members have the knowledge and experience to install the most efficient system possible for your home.

Air Source Heat Pump in Summer - When Does a Heat Pump Work in the Winter?

Heat Pumps for Year Round Efficiency

In Ontario’s climate, heat pumps are one of the best solutions for summer air conditioning. An efficient heat pump can handle the AC demand for most homes without using excess electricity. The same unit, in mild and moderate winter conditions will help significantly with heating your home. The small amount of electricity used should compare favourably with running a gas furnace for the same purpose.

The ClimateCare Advantage

Your ClimateCare member is the place to turn for all heating and cooling installation, service, and repair needs. As a locally owned business, their work comes from referrals and relationships built with satisfied customers. Call ClimateCare to arrange for a fully trained and licensed technician to visit your home and talk about whether it makes sense to integrate a heat pump with your current HVAC system. They will tell you when a heat pump does work in the winter, it is saving you money.

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