There are a few national HVAC chains in Canada, that offer service all over the country, which you can call for your HVAC needs. But we think it is best to choose an HVAC company that has closer ties to your local area. There are at least five good reasons that you should avoid those national chains and pick a local HVAC office instead. 

1. Local Knowledge 

HVAC technicians that work in your area, and only your area, have information that other people won’t. Locals understand the specific energy costs in your area and can tell you if choosing gas, electric, or propane will be cheaper or more reliable. Your local technicians will also have a better grasp on which brands you should choose, and because the same brand’s products are manufactured at different plants across the country, this knowledge can sometimes vary by location. 

2. Support the Community 

When you choose a local company, they buy supplies locally, employ people in your community, and may even donate to charitable organizations in your community. A larger portion of the money you spend with a local HVAC company will stay in your local area, which supports your economy and the people you call neighbours. 

3. Family-Friendly Service 

HVAC companies that have yet to join national chains care a great deal about their reputation. They cannot fall back on the positive reputation of the chain, they need to earn great reviews themselves. Plus, they have fewer staff, which means the owner can be choosier about who they hire and ensure these are quality people. Many are also family-owned and run, which helps create the kind of company culture that leads to excellent service. Local HVAC companies are more likely to really care about what is best for you, as opposed to their bottom line. 

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4. Comparative Pricing 

Local companies may be able to offer lower pricing compared to national options. The national portion of the organization tends to take a larger chunk of each sale that each individual location makes. They use this for staffing and other costs of being a national chain. Without this burden, or with a smaller cost to be associated with other companies, the locals can afford to charge you less. Sometimes they may also have better relationships with local suppliers which also helps lower costs.  

5. Quick Response 

Local HVAC companies have a smaller service area than those that are part of national chains. That may sound like a negative, but it’s not. Chances are that a local HVAC technician isn’t ever very far from your home. When you call them, they will usually be able to respond quickly. And, their response time should be more consistent.  

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