Dirty furnace filter

Your furnace filter contributes to the quality of the air in your home. It also contributes to your furnace’s efficiency. Many homeowners are unaware their furnace filter needs to be changed regularly to help improve air circulation and air quality. Here we offer five signs your furnace filter needs changing, and why it’s so important.

How Often Do You Need To Change Furnace Filter?

Your furnace filter replacement should be based on the filter manufacturer’s recommendations. You can check the packaging to find out both how to replace your filter as well as the recommended furnace filter change interval. However, there are other factors to consider including:

  • MERV Rating: Filters have Minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) ratings to report their efficiency. The higher the rating the more efficient it is. Low-rated filters need to be changed more often.
  • HVAC Use: During the months you tend to use your HVAC system more often, i.e. the dead cold of winter, or deep heat of the summer, you should be changing your furnace monthly regardless of the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is because it is working harder during these periods so it will contain more contaminants. During the months where your home tends to be comfortable without the need for heat or AC, you can stick to the recommended furnace filter replacement schedule.
  • Lifestyle: Factors specific to your home such as having pets or smokers in the house also require changing your filter more often. This is because there will be more contaminants in the air that will be captured by the filter.

Keeping these things in mind will help with your filter replacement schedule.

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Signs Your Furnace Filter Needs Changing

While having a schedule in mind for changing your furnace filter helps keep your filter clean, you can also look for the following signs it needs replacement:

  1. There is noticeable discolouration on the filter.
  2. You can see the buildup of dirt and dust.
  3. You find your home needs dusting frequently.
  4. It seems your HVAC system is cycling longer.
  5. You realize it’s been several months since you’ve replaced your filter.

All of these signs mean it’s time for a furnace filter replacement.

Why You Need To Change Furnace Filters

Your furnace filter helps your HVAC system work properly, while also contributing to your home comfort and air quality. Clean filters offer many benefits including:

  • Improved performance: Clogged air filters interfere with the air circulation required to keep your HVAC system performing efficiently. As a result, you put stress on your system which can reduce its life and also lead to breakdowns. When your filter is clean, your HVAC does its job without added strain, so it continues to operate without the need for repairs.
  • Increased home comfort: Clean air filters promote air circulation so air can keep your home at the ideal temperature.
  • Better energy efficiency: As mentioned, the dirt in filters makes it difficult for your HVAC system to operate, which in turn means it has to work harder. All that extra effort uses more energy which reduces energy efficiency.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Filters become dirty because they remove contaminants from the air. When filled with dust and dirt the filter can no longer do its job. As a result, more contaminants remain airborne, so your family breathes them in.

Is it about time that your furnace filter needs changing? Our team at Dows ClimateCare would be happy to help. Give us a call today.

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