Make Humidifier Service and Repair Easy With a WeCare Maintenance Plan

Flow-through humidifiers are one of the best ways to control the moisture level in your home, increasing comfort and improving air quality.

A WeCare Maintenance Plan from Dows ClimateCare member will include humidifier service as part of your total heating and cooling system protection. With a properly functioning humidifier, your home feels more comfortable and your utility bills will be lower. At optimum levels of moisture, less heat is needed to keep you warm.

Cover All of Your Humidifier Maintenance Needs.

Take the hassle out of regular heating and cooling system maintenance and have professional technicians from Dows ClimateCare handle it all. It only makes sense to include all of your HVAC equipment in one plan. Humidifiers generally do not need a lot of maintenance, but like all HVAC equipment, they need seasonal care and attention to maintain their efficiency and prevent future problems. If your humidifier ever stops working, with WeCare, professional technicians will respond promptly to fix it, day or night. Regular, seasonal maintenance from Dows ClimateCare will include the
following checklist of humidifier maintenance tasks:

  • Filter replacement.
  • Evaporator pad replacement.
  • Inspect and clean the orifice.
  • Verify the unit is level.
  • All in all a 9 point humidifier maintenance checklist is performed.
  • Plus a 20% discount on repairs if they are ever required.
  • Check humidistat and valves.
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Most homeowners would rather not spend their weekends maintaining HVAC equipment. Leave it to someone with the time and experience to do it right. Rest easy knowing a Dows ClimateCare service expert is making sure your humidifier and heating system are working properly. Call us today to find out more about HVAC system protection. Though we are a locally owned business, your ClimateCare member is part of Canada’s largest heating and cooling cooperative. They have the resources to keep you and your family cozy all winter long with a flow-through humidifier and efficient heating system.

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