Protect Your System with an HVAC Maintenance Plan

HVAC maintenance is a small investment, and it’s the best way to avoid significant repair costs when something serious goes wrong with your furnace, air conditioner or other HVAC equipment. You visit the doctor or dentist to get checked out. You go to the gym or jog after work. HVAC maintenance is the physical your furnace or air conditioner needs to catch anything out of place before it becomes serious.

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Repairs aren’t cheap. They require more parts, more training and more work. A good maintenance technician can give your furnace or air conditioner the best chance at avoiding repairs altogether across the entire lifespan of the equipment.

Maintenance serves two primary functions:

  • Maintain the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, keeping your energy bills low.
  • Look out for emerging problems and intervene before they become expensive repairs.
  • Most homeowners subscribing to a WeCare Maintenance package never encounter a costly repair, and most homeowners who avoid regular HVAC maintenance run into at least one major repair, sometimes more, before replacing older equipment. Sometimes repairs are almost as expensive as a whole new furnace or air conditioner.


How to avoid unexpected expenses
In the cold winter or hot summer, A WeCare Plan is there for you

Either WeCare plan can be custom configured to meet the needs of your home, including any special equipment you may have. Maintenance plan subscribers can upgrade to protection plans for additional perks.

  • Most parts are included.
  • All labour is included.
  • Priority scheduling for appointments.
  • Preferred pricing on repairs if ever required.
  • Customize your plan any way you need. If you need maintenance for a tankless water heater and fireplace only, we can do that.

Contact us today to set up HVAC maintenance in Kingston, Trenton and Belleville to meet your family’s needs.

HVAC maintenance in Kingston, Trenton and Belleville is a smart investment. Maintenance visits work around your schedule so you’re never inconvenienced, and we get in and out quickly. It’s a no-hassle way to significantly reduce your risk of expensive repairs.
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