Heating and Cooling in an Easy, Efficient Package

Skip the ductwork for your new home addition. Install a ductless air conditioner in Kingston, Trenton, Belleville and the surrounding areas and keep your space open, airy and comfortable.

Enjoy the high ceilings your family wants and stay comfortable with a wall mounted ductless air conditioner and heater. It does both, so you don’t have to double up and waste precious space.

A Versatile Choice for Ductless Heating and Cooling

Building a home addition and want to avoid the ductwork? Stay cool and comfortable with a ductless air conditioner in Kingston, Trenton and Belleville. When winter hits, just switch to ductless heating and stay toasty warm.

Your ductless air conditioner offers:

Wireless remote controls.

Sleep timer.

24-hour, weekly timers.

Quiet mode.

Plus, a ductless air conditioner gives your family gets the benefit of zone heating and cooling. If you aren’t in a certain part of the house, don’t heat or cool it.

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A ductless air conditioner is ideal when:

  • You live in a home with no ductwork.
  • You live in an older house with limited space to expand the ductwork.
  • Connecting the existing ductwork to your new home addition isn’t practical.
  • You want more precise control of the temperature at home.
How to avoid unexpected expenses

Families across the region choose ductless air conditioners and heaters as versatile, space-saving options. We’re here to help your family find the right model for your space.

A ductless air conditioner heats and cools.

  • The outdoor part small and quiet. It looks like a miniature air conditioner next to your house. It’s responsible for moving heat.
  • The indoor part circulates air to heat (or cool) your house. Up to three indoor units can work with one outdoor unit.

Installation is fast and easy when you work with a pro. Call us for a quick quote today.

Get a quote today and think about it as long as you want. Call today to talk about your family’s options. You’ll never feel pressure to buy, but you will get all the information you need to make the right decision.
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