Geothermal Power Plant in Winter with Aurora borealis - The World’s 10 Biggest Geothermal Power Plants There are geothermal power plants all over the world. Geothermal energy plants convert heat from the Earth to electricity. This type of energy is green, clean and renewable.

Here are 10 of the most impressive producers for your reading pleasure.

10. Darajat Power Station in Indonesia

Number 10 on our list is located in the Pasirwangi District of Garut in Indonesia.

These three distinct power plants were established independently, with their construction spanning from 1994 to 2007.

Impressively, this facility boasts a remarkable capacity of 259MW, generating approximately 50% more electricity than the renowned Sir Adam Beck hydroelectric station at Niagara Falls.

Indonesia’s volcanic landscape makes it a hotbed for geothermal activity, fueling the growing popularity of geothermal energy throughout the nation’s diverse regions.

Mount Wayang Windu, Pangalengan - The World’s 10 Biggest Geothermal Power Plants

9. Wayang Windu Geothermal Power Plant in Indonesia

The ninth largest plant is also located in Indonesia, in the province of West Java.

It operates under the management of a subsidiary of Star Energy and owes its design and construction to the collaborative efforts of Aecom, Sumitomo Corporation, and Fuji Electric.

With a substantial output capacity of 227 MW, this facility eclipses the Darajat station not only in power but also in sheer size. The expansive geothermal field at Wyang Windu sprawls across a vast area of 40 square kilometres, harnessing the Earth’s natural energy potential.

8. Malitbog Geothermal Power Station in the Philippines

Boasting an impressive output capacity of 232.5MW, this power station in the Philippines secures its place as the eighth largest globally.

Under the ownership of the Energy Development Corporation, this facility serves as a vital energy source for Luzon Island. Having commenced operations in 1991, it possesses a promising lifespan of at least three more decades.

Remarkably, it holds the distinction of being the world’s largest single-roof geothermal power plant, nestled in what many would describe as a paradise-like location.

7. Tiwi Geothermal Complex in the Philippines

Geothermal energy plays a significant role in the Philippines, contributing to over a quarter of the nation’s power supply.

Ranked as the seventh largest globally, this additional geothermal plant finds its home in the picturesque province of Albay. Comprising three power plants, each with two units, it collectively offers a substantial net capacity of 289 MW.

Remarkably, this facility has been in operation since 1979, making it one of the world’s oldest functional geothermal power plants.

Hellisheidi power plant - The World’s 10 Biggest Geothermal Power Plants

6. Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant in Iceland

Iceland’s abundant hot springs have led to the widespread use of secondary private geothermal generators in homes outside the capital, Reykjavik.

Sitting atop the impressive Hengill volcano, Iceland hosts the sixth-largest geothermal plant worldwide. With a substantial production capacity of 400MW in thermal energy and 303MW in electric energy, it proudly claims the title of Iceland’s largest power plant.

Notably, this facility is primarily situated above the dynamic boundary between the North American and European tectonic plates.

5. CalEnergy Generation’s Salton Sea Geothermal Plants in the USA

Situated in Southern California, this expansive plant stands as a testament to geothermal energy’s potential. It encompasses ten geothermal plants, collectively generating a substantial total output of 340MW, securing its position as the fifth largest geothermal energy producer globally.

Experts have identified this region as having unparalleled geothermal potential within the United States. Beyond its energy contributions, the plant plays a pivotal role in addressing environmental challenges, combatting soil erosion, and curbing the spread of harmful salt levels across the region.

4. Makban Geothermal Complex in the Philippines

Taking the fourth spot on the global geothermal energy leaderboard is the impressive Makban Geothermal Power Complex. With a substantial output capacity of 458 MW, this complex is a true powerhouse in the energy landscape.

Consisting of six individual plants, the complex sprawls across both the Laguna and Batangas provinces in the Philippines.

However, despite this progress, the Philippines would need to scale up its geothermal production significantly to achieve complete energy sustainability, highlighting the ongoing need for renewable energy expansion.

Cerro Preito Goethermal Power - The World’s 10 Biggest Geothermal Power Plants

3. Cerro Prieto Geothermal Power Station in Mexico

In Northern Mexico, the Cerro Prieto Geothermal Power Plant proudly claims its position as the third largest globally, boasting an impressive output of 720 MW.

Operated by the Comisión Federal de Electricidad, as is the case with all Mexican power plants, this facility is a testament to the nation’s commitment to sustainable energy.

What sets this plant apart is its unique geological location—it’s situated on a spreading fault line in a landlocked area, a phenomenon typically associated with ocean floors. This distinctive feature adds to its significance in the world of geothermal energy.

Larderello Geothermal Complex - The World’s 10 Biggest Geothermal Power Plants

2. Larderello Geothermal Complex in Italy

Taking the silver medal is the monumental Larderello Complex, a conglomerate of 34 individual plants. This vast facility boasts an impressive net capacity of 769 MW, making it a powerhouse in the realm of sustainable energy.

The first plant within this complex was erected in 1913, marking it as the pioneer of its kind and showcasing a rich history in geothermal energy production.

The Larderello Complex plays a pivotal role on the global stage, accounting for a substantial 10% of all geothermal energy produced worldwide. It also caters to nearly 27% of the region’s power demands, underscoring its immense significance in the realm of sustainable power generation.

1. The Geysers Geothermal Complex in the USA

Nestled approximately 100 kilometres north of San Francisco, California, lies “The Geysers,” a formidable complex comprising 18 power plants. With an impressive active production capacity of 900 MW, this vast expanse of geothermal energy infrastructure covers an expansive 45 square miles, taking spot number 1 on our list.

What’s even more remarkable is that “The Geysers” generates an abundance of energy, sufficient to power nearly one million homes!

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