Air Purifier in room by plant - Understanding CADR: Why It's Crucial for Your Air Purifier Selection

When shopping for air purifiers, you’ve likely come across the term CADR—Clean Air Delivery Rate. But what does it signify, and why should you care? Here, we explain this air purifier rating and its role in ensuring optimal indoor air quality. 

CADR Explained 

CADR quantifies how effective an air purifier is at removing specific pollutants from the air. Represented in cubic feet per minute (CFM), it indicates the volume of air cleaned of a particular contaminant in one minute. A higher CADR value means the air purifier is more effective at filtering that specific contaminant. 

Why CADR Matters 

  1. Comparative Metric: CADR offers a standardized measure, allowing you to compare different air purifiers on an even playing field. 
  2. Tailored Solutions: Depending on where you live, certain pollutants might be more prevalent. CADR helps you choose a purifier adept at handling specific concerns, be it pollen, smoke, or dust. 
  3. Size Considerations: CADR can also guide you in picking the right-sized purifier for your space, ensuring efficiency and optimal performance. 

Do I Need an Air Purifier with a High CADR to Purify Larger Rooms? 

While a high CADR indicates faster pollutant removal, it’s also vital to consider the unit’s recommended room size to ensure optimal coverage and performance in larger spaces. In general, use the “2/3 rule” for effective purification: select an air cleaner with a CADR of at least 2/3 the square footage of your room

Breathe Purer Air with the Help of Dows ClimateCare 

At Dows ClimateCare, we’re passionate about enhancing your indoor air quality. Armed with a deep understanding of air purifier metrics, our team ensures you make a choice that’s just right. Lean on our expertise and welcome a breath of fresh air into your home. Contact us today! 

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