It’s furnace season here at ClimateCare. In addition to helping homeowners get their units ready for winter with fall furnace maintenance, it’s that time of year when the same common furnace myths come out of the woodwork:

In reality, the truth is quite different.

Find out what they are by checking out our latest infographic.

Furnace myths busted infographic

Can I Skip Furnace Maintenance for One Year?

Technically, yes, you can. Your furnace will not immediately break down if you miss one maintenance check. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Regular maintenance is essential for various reasons: extending the lifespan of your unit, ensuring efficient operation, and most importantly, guaranteeing the safety of your household.

Safety Concerns with Skipping Furnace Servicing

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: One of the gravest concerns with an unmaintained furnace is the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) leaks. CO is a colourless, odourless gas that can be lethal when inhaled. A faulty or dirty furnace can emit this harmful gas, putting your family’s health and lives at risk.
  • Fire Hazards: A furnace that hasn’t been inspected or cleaned could have dust and other flammable debris accumulated. Such build-ups increase the risk of fires.
  • Gas Leaks: If you have a gas furnace, a leak is a potential risk, especially if the unit has not been checked regularly. Gas leaks not only pose explosion hazards but are also health risks when inhaled.

Can a Lack of Furnace Maintenance Cost Me?

Absolutely. Here are 4 ways how:

  1. Higher Energy Bills: A furnace that is not in its optimal condition has to work harder, using more energy and driving up your monthly bills.
  2. Shortened Lifespan: Regular maintenance keeps your furnace in its best condition, extending its lifespan. Skipping routine checks can lead to more wear and tear, reducing the longevity of the unit.
  3. Costly Repairs: Small issues that are usually identified and fixed during regular maintenance can escalate into major problems if left unattended, leading to expensive repairs or even replacements.
  4. Voided Warranty: Many manufacturers require regular maintenance as a condition of their warranty. Neglecting this can void your warranty, leaving you to bear the full cost of any repairs or replacements.

Now that you have the facts, it’s time to put them into action.

Since 1992, ClimateCare has provided reliable and professional home comfort products to homeowners all over Ontario.

And since 1992, our team of experts have heard the same furnace myths – over and over again.

Now that you know the real deal behind your furnace, it’s time experience the ClimateCare difference for yourself.

To start, you can:

Article updated, 2023.
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