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A properly followed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance schedule will not only increase the lifespan of your equipment. It can also help it run more efficiently to lower utility costs and create a better environment for you and your family. Here, we want to run through each component of your HVAC system and provide some maintenance highlights and timelines to watch out for. 

AC Maintenance 

At least once per year, there are several things that should be done to keep your AC unit in top working condition, including: 

  • Clearing debris around the outside unit 
  • Cleaning the inside of the unit by removing the cage 
  • Change the air filter 
  • Check the evaporator drain 
  • Clean the drain pan 
  • Test the unit 

These tasks can also be done by a skilled service technician, who you should be scheduled annually as well. 

Furnace Maintenance 

You should change your furnace filter at least every three months, or as often as every 1-2 months depending on the air quality in your home. Things like pet dander and dust can accumulate quickly, potentially causing allergies and other respiratory conditions. Cleaning your air registers is also important because clogged-up registers can reduce the airflow in your home.  

Other annual tasks include: 

  • Checking the carbon monoxide detector, heat exchanger, electrical wiring, and controls. 
  • Cleaning the humidifier (if you have one), burners, and flame sensor.  
  • Lubricating the blower and inducer fans so they can move freely and efficiently. 

Some of these tasks are best completed by a skilled service technician, who will be able to complete these tasks and more during an annual furnace maintenance check.  

Heat Pump Maintenance 

Annual maintenance is recommended for heat pumps, although if they are your primary heat source, that should be doubled to bi-annually. Filters should be changed every 1-2 months as well. Some general maintenance tips include the following: 

  • Dust supply & return registers 
  • Remove debris surrounding the outdoor unit 
  • Schedule your HVAC professional for routine service 1-2 times/year 

Looking to schedule annual maintenance for your furnace or heat pump? Now is the time! Contact the experts at Dows ClimateCare to book your maintenance appointment.

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Air Purifier Maintenance 

Different types of air purifier units have different maintenance needs, so always be sure to consult the manual or your HVAC service person for guidance whenever necessary. In general, you should keep the area around your air purifying unit clean and free of dust and debris to allow for better air intake and dispersal, as well as monitor filters for when they might need to be changed or washed, depending on the unit. 

Duct Cleaning 

Duct cleaning should be scheduled at least once per year to greatly improve the efficiency of your furnace and also enhance the air quality and circulation in your home. 

HVAC Servicing & Preventative Maintenance 

Dows ClimateCare offers custom-configured WeCare Maintenance Plans to its members that help drastically reduce the cost of repairs and replacement of equipment long-term. Members of the program receive priority service over other customers and avoid things like after-hour charges, labour costs, and even some costs associated with part replacements/repairs. 

If you’re looking for professional HVAC service and maintenance in Kingston, Trenton, Belleville, and the surrounding areas, contact Dows ClimateCare today!

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